The Company To Call About Luxury Homes For Sale in Rancho Mirage

by | Jan 4, 2014 | Real Estate

Everybody selling their house wants top dollar, and many people make the mistake of trying to sell their own home. The better option is hiring a real estate agent/broker to sell the property. Many people selling their homes in Rancho Mirage turn to Acclaim Properties. They have been doing business in the area since 1994, listing Luxury Homes For Sale in Rancho Mirage and achieving quick results.

Having a real estate company list a property is the first step in a successful sale. The real estate agent focuses on the marketing of the home, but there are a few things a homeowner can do to help.


One of the easiest improvements is making the front yard appealing. Having the lawn freshly trimmed appeals to buyers. Making sure the flower beds are tidy is another way to improve the homes attractiveness. A big eyesore to some buyers are toys strewn all over all over the yard. It usually takes only a few minutes to put them away.


Another way to make a home appealing is removing excess house clutter. A messy house make buyers think the house is dirty. Nobody wants to spend money on a dirty house. Actions as simple as picking clothes off the floor make a difference.



Many houses have a certain smell about them, and making sure a house smells good is easy. First off, an owner should temporarily get rid of things like cat litter boxes. Then, bake a hot apple pie to give the house a wholesome smell. Many real estate experts recommend against using air fresheners. Prospective buyers may think an odor is being covered up.


Cleaning the entire house is important, and the most important room to clean is the kitchen. A kitchen should look as though the health department were doing an inspection. A buyer’s second concern is usually the bathrooms. Make sure every surface is clean, and replace items such as shower curtains to give the bathrooms an image of being sparkling clean and germ free.

Luxury Homes For Sale in Rancho Mirage command a good market price. A good real estate company in conjunction with the efforts of a homeowner can help make the sale go through.

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