The best ways to water trees

Many gardens include a number of trees, they are planted for the aesthetic appeal; the fact that they provide shade in the summer as well as the family’s way to help the environment. Trees are essential as they remove harmful carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen into the environment. When one views a forest full of mature trees you often wonder why is it that the trees around my home require care; the trees in the forest don’t.? The reason is actually quite simple; in many cases the trees that are planted are not native to the area. Trees need water to survive; young trees in particular need enough water but on the other hand, not too much.

If trees don’t get sufficient water it takes little time for the leaves to wilt, turn color and fall off. These trees cannot guard against insect attacks and various plant diseases. It is important that trees get the right amount of water on a regular basis; they need to be attended to against a schedule to guarantee that they always have just the right amount of water; tree watering bags are one of the ways to ensure this.

The part of the tree that needs water is the root system, they need enough water but they should not be overwatered either. At times, the proper watering of trees can be a slow process because it is important that the water seeps slowly into the ground, directly to roots. The water should spread evenly around the base of the tree; this can be done with a hose, watering can or a drip system using tree watering bags or other automated or semi-automated methods. When you reach a point where water is no longer soaking into the ground but begins to pool around the base of the tree it is time to stop watering; too much water can harm a tree.

Watering cans are easy to control precisely and are good for watering sensitive trees and bushes, the problem is they have to be constantly refilled which is inconvenient to say the least. Hoses are fine; they deliver a lot of water in a short time but can often be too powerful and damage young trees. Perhaps the best method is drip irrigation using tree watering bags, these slowly deliver water to the roots; this method takes very little work on the part of the gardener and evenly distributes the water.

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