The Best Way to Get Rid of Termites in Tulsa, OK

There are many kinds of termites, so control methods must be matched to their nesting patterns in order to be effective. Termites in Tulsa, OK tend to nest in the ground outside and then seek out sources of wood to eat rather than nesting directly inside of houses. Therefore, pest control companies like American Services, Inc. focus on extermination strategies that work with these termite species.

One system that is very effective against ground termites is Sentricon. It uses baits that are formulated to be more attractive to termites than wood. This not only ensures that they eat the bait, but also diminishes their desire to eat your house instead. Over time, the bait is brought back to the colony by the worker termites, who share it with the other termite castes. Once eaten, it prevents the insects from being able to shed their skins as they grow. This is a fatal condition for the termites, and soon, the colony will be obliterated.

Other methods of pest control in Tulsa, OK, such as sealing houses against insect invasion, don’t work with termites. That’s because they can fit through even the tiniest cracks in foundations, brick walls, under siding panels, and other such places. Of course, they can also chew their way in through any wooden elements like window frames or door jambs. This means that only actual extermination will get rid of a termite problem.

It’s definitely worth the investment to hire professional exterminators to get rid of termites. Every year, termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage to the homes in America. This shows how devastating an infestation can be and how important it is to stop the insects in their tracks before they can destroy your house. Acting quickly to have baits placed, and setting up a contract to have the bait stations renewed when necessary, will get rid of the termites and prevent more from taking their place.

Sentricon bait stations are colored green so that they blend into the lawn. They have spikes that reach into the ground and allow termites access to the bait. Above-ground, there is only an unobtrusive dome-like cover. Therefore, it won’t be obvious that you have the stations in place even as they work to protect your house from damage.

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