The Best Physical Therapists in Sandy for Knee Injuries

A knee injury can occur from various incidents, from sports related accidents to falling down at home. If surgery is necessary for repairing the joint, patients have to go through physical therapy for recovery. Patients should look for the Best Physical Therapists in Sandy to make a complete recovery from surgery.

physical therapy is an exercising program that strengthens and stretches certain joints and muscles. Doctors in this field usually recommend a treatment plan, which involves a certain amount of different exercises. The exercises consist of stretching and gentle movements that restores strength to the joint and improves blood circulation for healing. Many patients make the mistake of failing to be proactive with rehabilitation treatment. Not completing the treatment has a direct impact on the success of the surgery.

Knee surgery is a serious operation and it helps to have support. Patients should have a support group for the entire process and should not be afraid to ask for help before the surgery. A support group may consist of family members, friends and neighbors. The rehabilitation therapy can last from four to six weeks, which is a very essential part of the recovery process. This program is made up of a variety of exercises to increase mobility and strength in the knee joint. However, it is important to only perform the exercises recommended by the therapist.

The knee flexion stretch is an exercise performed while seated in a chair. It requires sliding the surgical leg behind the other one and moving forward with the stretch. The knee extended stretch involves moving the surgical leg forward while sitting on the edge of the chair. The knee extension uses two chairs. The patient has to prop the surgical leg up on the chair with a towel roll under the ankle and you should put five to ten pounds of weight on top of the knee.

A rehabilitaion specialist may recommend a specific number of exercises. The treatment plan depends on the patient and the purpose for having the surgical procedures. The Best Physical Therapists in Sandy can demonstrate the exercises and prescribe a set amount of repetitions for a successful outcome.

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