The Best Of General And Cosmetic Dentistry For The Entire Family

Your entire family needs to see their dentist on a routine basis to make sure every facet of their oral health is met. This includes yearly check-ups with a dental team and scheduled cleanings with the hygienist. Young children need to have their baby teeth checked for signs of decay even though they will eventually fall out on their own. Older school age children need to learn good brushing habits to keep those adult teeth as free from cavities as possible. During the teen years, taking a few years to straighten the teeth may be a necessity. Adults who have neglected their own teeth can regain their youth with cosmetic procedures. All of the above is possible for families from Nutley and Bloomfield, New Jersey at the offices of Philip E. Toaldo, DDS, PA.

A great way to learn about the general and cosmetic dentistry procedures possible at his offices is on his web pages located at New and returning patients can also make their next appointment or contact his dedicated office staff from the website. If you have had questions about new dental treatments or if they may be right for you, there is also a wealth of information on for you to read before making that future appointment. Whether by internet or phone, the doctor and his staff enjoy answering your questions about discussing your individual case.

Adults patients can now remake their smile with the best of cosmetic dental procedures. Once all of their general concerns have been addressed and immediate problems have been taken care of, the dentist can begin to give them the smile that they wish they had been given by nature or their set of genes. If they are missing any teeth either by genetics or trauma, these can be replaced. Some patients are perfect for the implantation of permanent teeth into their jawline to fill the space. These dental implants never have to be removed and function as natural teeth would in all circumstances. For those patients for whom dental implants are not the right solution, the dentist can make them crowns or bridgework to fill the gaps. All re-constructive dental procedures are done step by step and with concern for the health of the patient at every turn.

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