The Benefits Offered by an Eco-Friendly Landscape Architect in Westport, Connecticut

Landscape architects see your property as a canvas which they can use to create natural beauty. All of these professionals can enhance your yard, but only an eco-friendly landscape architect in Westport, Connecticut also partners with you to protect the environment. Experts such as Northeast Horticultural Services also offer first-rate tree, plant, and landscape services.

Landscapers Protect Eco Systems With an Organic Approach

A landscape architect in Westport, Connecticut who offers organic services will provide designs that put plants in the ideal soils and habitats. They work with renewable resources and organic materials that provide exceptional nutrients. Their practices and products are safe for wildlife, pets, families and the environment. Experts create designs that encourage healthy bio systems and restore important elements. Organic landscape architects focus on a “first do no harm” philosophy.

Landscape Experts Are Tree Experts

Earth-friendly landscape professionals are also arborists, or tree experts. They can help you choose trees when you are building, and specialize in pre-construction planning. Professionals will keep your trees disease free, offer root management services, and prune growth. They can remove trees for safety reasons or to thin out property and they safely grind and remove stumps. Their technicians will cable and brace limbs, to make them safer and they offer lightning protection.

Landscape Professionals Offer Plant Care

Organic landscapers can evaluate existing plants and identify those that are unhealthy. They will diagnose problems caused by diseases, urban stressors, and insects. Specialists can return growth to health and maintain it using a variety of pest management, fertilization, and tick control programs. They also analyze and treat soil. Many use non-destructive air-spade technology to plant trees and flowers, create trenches, and diagnose sick trees. They offer organic plant and lawn care that focuses on maintaining a healthy, safe environment. They provide helpful websites, such as, where customers can learn about safe, natural tick control, lawn maintenance, and plant care.

Landscape architects are typically used to create beautiful properties, but those who offer organic services also protect and nurture the environment. These experts provide earth-friendly designs, plantings, and maintenance that keep growth, wildlife, pets, and families safe and healthy.

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