The Benefits of Wool rugs in Bedford Hills NY

Wool area rugs or wall to wall carpet has many advantages. The wool is a renewable resource and good for the environment. Wool is a cleanable fiber that can last longer than synthetic fibers used in carpets. Wool is very dyeable and can be made into many types and textures of carpet from Berber weaves to thick plushes. Wool Rugs in Bedford Hills NY are good investments for home renters or owners. Rug suppliers such as Redi-Cut Carpets & Rugs have a wide selection of area rugs, cut to order rugs, and wall-to-wall carpet to choose from.

Wool Area Rugs

Wool has been a popular fiber for use on high-end area rugs and bound, room-size rugs for hundreds of years. Oriental rugs woven in Middle East countries are cherished for decades or longer for their intricate designs and rich colors. When they are hand woven using wool yarns, they are long-lasting works of art. American Indian tribes are also known for their wool area rugs handwoven of wool fibers.

Modern area rugs woven on machines using wool fibers are also beautiful and long-lasting. Machine-woven rugs are less expensive because they can be made quickly using less human labor. Computer-guided equipment can make intricate patterns quickly and efficiently. These rugs can be made of wool or of synthetic fibers. Wool is a more natural fiber, giving a better look. Wool is also better for the environment.

Wool Carpet

Then there are cut-to-size rugs made of wool or other fibers that can be moved with the owner or removed for cleaning or repair. Wood floors or other hard-surfaced floors are practical and long-lasting but can seem hard. They can also be cold in the winter months. Adding wool area or room-sized rugs can warm up a room and add interest and texture. Area rugs come in numerous colors, patterns, and textures. Wool Rugs in Bedford Hills NY are good choices for rooms that need added warmth and design interest.

The same company that offers area rugs and bound, room-size rugs may also offer carpet by the yard for wall-to-wall installation in a home or business. Go to the website for additional flooring information.

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