The Benefits of Using Water Filters in Ocala, FL Homes

Florida homeowners with wells on their properties each need some sort of filtering system; and even the State’s city water can require conditioning. As a result, professionals such as EcoWater Systems install hundreds of Water Filters in Ocala, FL homes. The units provide benefits that include:

* HARD WATER REMOVAL: Florida water tends to be “hard” when it comes out of the ground. That means it contains a lot of calcium and magnesium. These are dissolved in the water, causing it to leave a dingy residue on clothes. The elements also behave like small pebbles that pound fabrics, wearing them down. Hard water stays on skin, causing blemishes, and hair, resulting in dullness. Home plumbing is less efficient with hard water, which can cause buildups, and shorten the lifespan of appliances and hot water heaters. Professionals remove calcium and magnesium by installing water conditioners. These units trap the elements, which are periodically eliminated when the softeners are regenerated using salt brine.

* IRON REMOVAL: Natural water can contain iron, which stains clothing, dishes, cooking utensils, fixtures, and more. It also causes scale in pipes and appliances. Iron in water causes a metallic taste and can discolor it. EcoWater Systems professionals can recommend a water conditioner that eliminates the problem using counter-current brining and backwashing. Iron removal requires specialized equipment, and technicians can guide customers to choose the most efficient options.

* SAVINGS: Although there is a cost to install water conditioning equipment, customers actually save money over time. Softer water requires much less soap or detergent to clean. Shampoos are more effective as well. Filters can help prolong the life of appliances and plumbing, and reduce the number of expensive repairs. Clothes washed in soft water last longer, and customers save on the cost of bottled water. Water experts work with clients, to design budget-friendly filtering solutions and these may include affordable financing plans. Clients can also choose to rent their equipment.

Florida homeowners who install water filters can improve the taste of tap water, eliminate hard water residue, and stop the staining caused by iron deposits. Filtering systems will also help extend the life of clothing, appliances, and plumbing.

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