The Benefits of Leasing a New Toyota

If you are looking into buying a new car, you may want to consider leasing one instead, especially since there are many great Toyota lease deals in Miami. There are two principle benefits to leasing a car versus buying one. The first is that you will be able to drive a newer car that still has the full warranty and will need very little in the way of maintenance. The second is that you can usually drive a larger or more luxurious car under a lease than you would be able to afford if you purchased it outright. Because of these benefits, half of all luxury cars and 20% of the rest of cars are being driven under a lease.

If you are trying to decide between leasing a purchasing a Toyota, you need to fully understand the process. Leasing can be very misunderstood, and some people claim that when you take advantage of Toyota lease deals in Miami, you are losing money because you will get nothing back at the end of the lease. On the contrary, when you lease a car, the money that you “loose” is simply equal to the value of the vehicle’s depreciation. Essentially, you are not losing any more money than someone who purchases the car. And no one – leaser or purchaser – ever gets back all the money they invest in a car.

However, leasing is not for everyone. The people who most benefit from Toyota lease deals in Miami are those who don’t drive a tremendous amount and like have a new car every few years, and those who can claim their vehicle as a business expense. For the latter group, leasing costs are almost always tax deductible, though you should talk to a tax expert before you make your final decision. For the former group, leasing a car can save you quite a bit of money, since leasing can save you 30% to 60% per month over monthly car payments with a loan. You will also save on taxes because you will only be required to pay the taxes on each monthly payment instead of on the entire value of the car. Once the lease is up, you can decide to purchase the car for the remaining value or you can walk away without paying anything further. Be aware, however, that most leases come with an average mileage limit of 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year; usually, drivers are charged about 15 cents per mile for every mile over the limit. If you are leasing, it is also important that you are not overly rough with your cars and have a good driving record, since returning a leased car with damage can cost you quite a bit of money. (Rest assured that you will not be charged for every minor dent or scratch that comes with the life of a car.) Unless you return the car with significant damage, however, Toyota lease deals in Miami can be great financial decisions.

If you are a real road warrior or the type who likes to drive a car until it can’t go any further, leasing is not for you. For everyone else, however, keep an eye on your local dealerships. Many Toyota lease deals in Miami are offered seasonally, meaning that you can get an even better deal on a luxurious new car.

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