The Benefits Of Hiring A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer In Chicago

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Law

A chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago presents you with the facts related to filing these claims for debt-relief solutions. Your attorney provides you with information associated with how these claims operate. This enables you to make the correct decision for your business and protect your interests. Through these claims you can prevent the seizure of properties such as your personal home and the headquarters for your business. To discover more about the benefits of a chapter 7 bankruptcy claim, contact LakeLaw.

The Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy you do have a wealth of benefits. The primary benefit is that you retain ownership of your company. You are still in charge of operations and the affairs of your business. However, the judge may require that you refrain from any operations until the bankruptcy case has concluded. In some case, you are allowed to operate your company on a limited basis as long as this concept does not conflict with the sale of properties used to pay off your debts.

Local Bankruptcy Attorneys

LakeLaw provides you with a bankruptcy attorney who is skilled in protecting your company and its interests. You can file a claim for liquidation that will assist you in settling your debts with the assistance of these attorneys. The attorneys present you with detailed information related to filing these claims and enables you to maintain ownership of your business and vital properties. To hire an attorney to file a bankruptcy claim, contact LakeLaw or read further details on their website at


When you hire a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago, you receive skilled legal representation to assist you in protecting your company. You will also have the ability to file a claim to eliminate all of your debts by selling properties and assets to generate proceeds for this purpose. Through a trustee these efforts are managed to ensure that all funds produced from these sales are distributed properly. The judge may add stipulations to your claim to assist you in protecting your interests and those of your creditors. To learn more about these claims schedule an appointment with an attorney through LakeLaw.

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