The Benefits of Compost for Hartford CT Gardeners

If you have a home with even a small yard you are at least part of the year a gardener. It may be just to plant a few flowers in the Spring once the snow melts. For others it means putting in a family vegetable garden. Regardless of the number of plants to be grown, the best way to assure success is to have healthy soil. The best way to get healthy soil is by incorporating compost into it. There are many benefits of compost in Hartford CT gardeners can take advantage of.

Compost fertilizes better than commercial chemical fertilizers, as it has more macro and micro nutrients. Even more important is that it releases those nutrients over time which is better for flower and vegetables.

Another benefit of using compost is that it makes use of debris that would otherwise have gone to landfills. By obtaining compost from companies like Dunning Sand Hartford CT gardeners can feel good about helping their community. The company will have gathered leaves and then carefully allowed them to turn into rich wonderful compost. Those looking for a large amount of compost such as for a vegetable garden can even have a load delivered to them which will save time and money over buying it from the local nursery.

Compost does more than fertilize – it actually improves the soil structure thereby improving its ability to hold air and water. What this means for the gardener is it is easier to work the soil and it will need less watering. There will also be less erosion and runoff when it rains. This means that even if one adds chemical fertilizer to the soil, it will be held in place without running off like it would otherwise.

Both flowers and vegetables will benefit from having all the nutrients they desire. The yields from a composted vegetable garden will be noticeably larger. The beneficial insects drawn to and present in compost work to keep plants healthier. All this means less chemical usage by gardeners. By using compost Hartford CT gardeners are doing the healthiest thing they can do for their family.