The Benefits of Carbon Steel in Seattle, WA

When talking about Carbon Steel in Seattle, WA, there are three different grades. These grades consist of low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and alloy steel. This particular article will be focusing on low carbon steel, including what it is and what it is used for.


Low carbon steel is defined as steel that has a carbon content by weight of 0.2 percent or below. The most widely used kinds of carbon steels are referenced by the numbers 1010, 1018, and 1020. There are trade-offs when dealing with the various levels of carbon in steel. For instance, low carbon steel is relatively weak but is highly malleable in a manufacturing sense while high-carbon steel is extremely strong but is very difficult to machine under certain circumstances.


Low carbon steel has a wide variety of uses simply because of its ability to be formed due to its ductility. The automobile industry uses a vast amount of low carbon steel in such applications as the backs of truck cabs, bed floors, access covers to tailgates, and even floor pans. Anything in the auto industry that requires only a moderate amount of simple bending will most likely is using low Carbon Steel in Seattle, WA.


While carbon steel certainly has its advantages, as with anything else, there are also disadvantages to using it. Low carbon steel is not as aesthetically pleasing as stainless steel. It is best used in cases where the steel will be painted or just not seen at all. It is also a very heavy metal. Even when carbon steel is manufactured into thin wires or tubes, they are still heavier than other metals simply due to their molecular makeup. It is also considered a brittle metal, especially the higher the carbon content involved. While carbon steel is not likely to bend, it may snap.

It will be up to the end user if they want to use low carbon steel. Its advantages and disadvantages should be weighed carefully, and an experienced company such as Specialty Metals should be consulted beforehand. Simply click on and a seasoned salesperson will be able to answer any questions.

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