The Benefits of ATU (Aerobic Treatment Units) over Septic Systems

If you are looking for a wastewater system that that is similar to a standard septic system but is able to quickly decompose organic solids and is a cleaner unit, then ATU (aerobic treatment units) may be right for you. These systems use oxygen to break down organic material as well as rely on natural processes in the same way that septic systems do. Wastewater that leaves the unit will be a lot cleaner than water that leaves a septic system, and the units can be placed in areas and locations where septic systems would not be able to operate properly.

A Great Alternative

ATU (aerobic treatment units) are a great alternative over septic systems for a lot of families. They offer a higher level of treatment than septic tanks and can even extend the life of the drainfield where they are placed. Since they can be placed in locations where septic systems would not be able to operate, they become the automatic choice for a number of homeowners. In addition, they reduce the amount of ammonia that is discharged out of the unit into the water.

Making the Switch

If you are interested in installing ATU (aerobic treatment units) at your home, you will want to work with an expert company to make sure that the switch is made correctly and the unit is set up to work efficiently. This is not something that the average homeowner can complete on their own, nor can they take care of the regular maintenance that is required. It’s important to make sure that you have high enough levels of microbes in the unit for it to function properly.

If you are interested in learning more about ATU (aerobic treatment units) but aren’t sure where to turn, call the experts at Valley Isle Pumping. They can talk to you about the benefits of these units and will be able to service your new unit for you so that it works perfectly from the moment it is installed. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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