The Benefits Of Adjustable Beds in Charlotte, NC

If you don’t rest well at night, it may be your bed that’s causing you to feel tired and achy in the morning. Many people have discovered that sleeping in an adjustable bed with their feet and head raised helps with back pain and other health issues. If you sleep on your back in a regular bed, your blood flow is restricted and this leads to poor circulation. Below you’ll find many of the benefits of Adjustable Beds in Charlotte, NC.

When you’re relaxing in bed at night while reading or watching television, you can adjust your bed so that your head is raised. While in this position, your posture is the same as when you’re relaxing in a recliner. You’ll feel more comfortable doing these activities in an adjustable bed because you won’t be straining your upper back as you would be if you were propped up in a regular bed.

If you have difficulty getting out of bed, having the head of your bed slightly elevated can help you raise up in a sitting position so that you can easily get up out of bed.

If you have back pain, sleeping flat on your back can make the pain worse. If you sleep in an adjustable bed, you can elevate your feet, which takes the strain off your lower back.

If your feet and legs are often swollen, your doctor may have advised you to keep them elevated as much as possible. When you sleep in an adjustable bed, you can raise the end of the bed so that your feet and legs are higher.

Other health issues that may respond to the raised feet or head position include gastric reflux, hiatal hernia, heartburn and achy joints. If you snore while sleeping, many people have found that elevating the head of the bed while sleeping can reduce or eliminate snoring.

Some adjustable beds are available with optional heat which can help relieve arthritis pain. Heat is also recommended for achy muscles that are tensed up due to stress.

There are many types and brands of adjustable beds and mattresses available in various price ranges. For more information, visit a store in your area that sells Adjustable Beds in Charlotte, NC.

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