The Benefits of a Workman’s Comp Attorney in Rochester NY

by | May 28, 2014 | Lawyers

Whether it’s construction or catering, every worker possesses basic human rights when working for a company. Workman’s Compensation in Rochester NY is required by business owners, but sometimes, workers do not have the information available to take advantage of this type of insurance, or they are too afraid to file a claim at the risk of losing their job. Occupational hazards are inevitable no matter the amount of preventative measures taken by a company. By serving that company, workers should be and are protected by workman’s compensation insurance.

Workers can be compensated for injuries including:

* Repetitive trauma injury (carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve damage, etc.)

* Traumatic physical injury (head injury, neck injury, etc.)

* Occupational disease (lung disease, cancer, hearing loss, lead poisoning, etc.)

* Mental ailment (PTSD and others)

If any of these have occurred, workers should immediately notify management and seek medical attention. The number of occupational diseases reported annually continues to rise. While it’s typically the manager’s responsibility to file a compensation claim after speaking with an employee, this is not the case for some professions. After receiving medical help, workers should begin researching the company’s compensation program. It’s possible to obtain legal assistance during this process to avoid confusion. An attorney who specializes in workman’s compensation can help identify options (example: vocational rehabilitation) and speed up the compensation process.

A representative for Workman’s Compensation in Rochester NY can help manage legal cases where the employee has been subject to fear. Some employees will not file for compensation, because they are afraid that they might be subsequently fired. However, for the employee who can no longer work because of his/her injury, a workman’s compensation attorney is essential. Treating an injury privately, rather than seeking professional medical attention through workman’s compensation benefits, is a type of self-harm. An attorney can help alleviate some of these fears and make sure that employees are receiving the medical care they deserve.

Law offices, such as Vincent J. Criscuolo & Associates , that specialize in worker’s compensation lawsuits can also provide insight into retirement cases. Attorneys like this one are even generally willing to re-open an old case as long as there is a justifiable reason for doing so, and they can help denied claims be overturned through legal action.

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