The Benefits Of A Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are dentists who focus their practice on and specialize in dental care for children and teens. They are specially qualified to provide dental care for the mouth, gums, and teeth of those ages 0-18.

Baby teeth typically emerge by the age of six months. By the age of six years, most children begin losing their baby teeth. These teeth are then replaced by permanent, adult teeth. Proper dental care is essential during childhood, as the lack of proper care can lead to disease and decay with effects that will last the remainder of a child’s life. For this reason, you want to have your child visit a Pediatric Dentist in Hawaii on a regular basis.

Your Pediatric Dentist in Hawaii is not just a typical dentist claiming to have good demeanor with children. Pediatric dentists complete four years of dental school, just like other dentists. In addition, they complete two more years in a residency program which gives them specialized training in infant, child, and teen dentistry. They are also trained to care for children with special oral and dental needs.

A Pediatric Dentist in Hawaii will provide all the oral health care your children need. They provide oral health exams for infants which include disease screenings. They provide preventative dental treatments including cleaning, fluoride, and sealants. The will counsel you concerning thumb sucking or other problematic oral habits. They will watch for mal-alignment and recommend orthodontic care as needed. When tooth decay is identified during a dental visit, your Pediatric Dentist will fill cavities and repair defects. The can diagnose any number of oral conditions that may be in need of further treatment. They can also identify and manage gum disease and provide treatment for dental injuries including broken or displaced teeth.

While you can certainly take your children to a regular dentist for their dental care, you may prefer to seek the services of a Pediatric Dentist in Hawaii. Pediatric dentists are skilled in the physical care of children’s mouths and teeth, but they are also trained and experienced in dealing with children’s behavior and emotions. They have equipment specifically designed for use with children. Their clinics are often more child-friendly than a typical dentist’s office. They are also trained and experienced in making dental care as comfortable as possible both physically and emotionally for children.

Pediatric dentist Hawaii- Pedodontic Associatesin Hawaii has the skills to care for repair, and treat children’s mouths and teeth competently. Get in touch with them.

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