The Benefits Of A Family Law Attorney In Edmond, OK

A family law attorney Edmond, OK provides you with a multitude of options that relate to divorce and child custody cases. A skilled attorney who practices within this legal field can assist you in determining whether your spouse will agree to the terms of your divorce. He or she will present you with options that allow you to make well-informed decisions in these matters without presenting significant hindrances down the road. If you are ready to file for a divorce or are seeking custody of your child, you should contact your preferred family or civil law attorney to schedule an appointment.

Contested Divorce Cases

In contested divorce cases it is imperative that you have an attorney present to assist you. In these matters you are unable to acquire an agreement with your spouse. Unfortunately, in some cases, the divorce may not become final for years unless you and your spouse come into an agreement. In some areas contested divorces take up to three years to settle.

Your attorney can assist you in this process by requesting mediation to enable you and your spouse to discuss property division and child custody. During these meeting your legal counsel will fight for your rights and prevent your spouse from presenting any risks to you or your family.

Local Legal Representation

Maria Tully Erbar provides adequate legal counsel in family law. Among these cases are divorce, child custody, and child support. This attorney additionally provides services in general civil cases such as personal injury cases. If you would like to generate a will or set up a trust fund for your children, she may additionally provide assistance for you in these matters. For more information about the services offered by Ms. Erbar, you can contact her locally.


Your family law attorney Edmond, OK provides you with choices that may enable you to end your marriage without significant hardships. Your attorney can discuss these options with you and negotiate with your spouse’s legal counsel on your behalf. By acquiring an attorney you have assistance which can prevent further grievances or difficulties than you have already experienced. If you require a family law attorney and are ready to file a divorce petition, you should contact your preferred attorney immediately.

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