The Benefits of a Convertible Top

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Automotive

Are you the proud owner of a convertible car? A convertible says many things about its owner. It is an expensive, sleek, and stylish car. The defining characteristic of a convertible is that it does not have a roof; the top of the car is open. But a Convertible Top can actually make your convertible look even better, not to mention that it can equip it to be more versatile under certain weather conditions. Read on to find out more.

What is a Convertible Top?

A convertible top is a makeshift covering like a roof to go over the top of your car, in lieu of an actual roof! It usually has its own window at the back, and may even have one at the top, and attaches to your front window and side doors.

Why Would I Want a Convertible Top?

A convertible top can be a beneficial accessory to your convertible car for many reasons. For one, it makes your car less averse to different types of weather conditions. For example, in warm weather you may love cruising down the highway with no roof above your head and the wind in your hair, the taste of freedom in your mouth. However, that freedom can taste more like disgruntlement and discomfort when the weather is cold or rainy or snowy! A convertible top can keep you warm and toasty in colder weather and protect you from chilly winds, while it can keep you dry when it is raining. It also provides good protection to your seats.

How Can a Convertible Top Pimp my Style?

A top to your convertible can actually be chosen with an eye to the overall style of your convertible, and can thus be a fun choice! Convertible tops come in many different colors, and depending on the color of your car you may want to choose a particular color! For instance, a black top is extremely versatile. It can provide an aesthetic contrast to a light colored car, such as a white, grey, or silver car, but it can give a red car a classic look, and still yet it looks great blending in with a black car of the same color. A white top looks appealing with a black or dark colored car, and brown tops go great with brown-tinged car colors such as beige.

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