The Benefits of 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates in Ponte Vedra Beach

There are many decisions to make when buying a house. One such decision is what type of mortgage to get. Many people rely on traditional 30 year fixed mortgage rates in Ponte Vedra Beach, and here’s why.

Lower Monthly Payment

Buying a home is expensive. For most people, it’s the most expensive purchase they’ll ever make, and they want to keep their monthly costs as low as possible. If that’s the goal, a 30-year fixed mortgage is the best choice because the monthly principal and interest payment stay the same.


Some people might argue that one pays too much in interest choosing a 30-year mortgage. While it’s true that the interest on lengthier loans adds up, one can also pay more toward the principal each month or every few months. They aren’t required to do this, but if they have the money to do it, it can reduce one’s overall interest over the life of the loan.

Great for Long-term Buyers

People buying homes they plan to live in for more than 5-10 years will find that a 30-year mortgage gives them security. While the economy might change throughout the years, people who secure a 30-year fixed rate at a low-interest rate can rest easy knowing inflation or rising interest rates won’t affect their monthly payment.

Find the Right Mortgage Today

To learn more about 30-year fixed mortgage rates in Ponte Vedra Beach, contact an experienced mortgage broker. For all mortgage loans, get in touch with The Mortgage Lady Team – Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp online at

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