The Benefits and Applications of Shock-Resistant Borosilicate Glass

Many industries rely upon borosilicate glass. Engineers use this specialty material to build robots, and it is the base of many 3D printers. Borosilicate glass manufacturers make the slides that scientists and researchers use under the eye of their microscopes. It is favored because of its strength and crystal-clear qualities.

Thermal Shock Resistant

Borosilicate glass contains a substance that allows it to expand. Glassware made from it can move from the freezer into an oven or sterilizer. The container will not shatter. Because of this characteristic, restaurant owners like it, and lab workers need it.


Commercial kitchens often opt for bakeware and coffee cups made from borosilicate glass. The product is easy to clean and crack resistant, saving money and reducing injuries. The containers will not change the taste of the food or beverage, and they are microwavable.

Wine and Water Bottlers

Many water bottling operations are leaning towards borosilicate glass because it is eco-friendly when compared to plastic. This compound glass is recyclable, and it does not end up in the ocean or slowly decompose in a landfill. Vineyards appreciate the product because it will not alter the wine. The container does not release any toxins or BPA, and it holds up to acidic liquids.

Lights and Lamps

Light manufacturers use this glass on the face of high-temperature lamps. Many commercial and industrial facilities, like power and chemical plants, require this safety feature throughout their facilities. Borosilicate glass manufacturers can modify the covers to fit almost any lighting fixture.

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