The Beauty Behind Card Designs

Designing a card for a Muslim wedding often involves beautiful colours and images. One way to make a unique Muslim wedding card is to add dimensional art that stands out on the cover or the inside of the card. An example would be using a well-known building as the dimensional piece with a solid background or a background image that highlights some of the features of the building.

Another option that you have when making a Muslim wedding cards is to utilize vintage designs. Flowers are a popular design against a light green, pink, or gold background. You can also use these colours in other aspects when designing the card instead of only as a background. Part of designing a wedding card is in the delivery. Consider rolling the card and tying it to look like a scroll. The details can announce the marriage of the couple as well as the details of the wedding. Another component would be to print the card on fabric instead of on paper or cardstock as this can highlight more of the Muslim background.

Arches are often seen in many Muslim countries. You can utilize this design in your wedding card details by including the image on the front or the inside. Colours that you could use to bring out the Muslim history include gold, blue, green, and pink. This is another detail that you might want to design in a dimensional image instead of one that is simple and flat. If you’re looking for something a bit more creative, then consider a tin trunk that features bright colours and patterns. Include all of the wedding details inside the tin along with a few items that tell a story about the couple. When designing cards, make sure you offer a way for guests to let you know if they can attend the wedding or not. Contact Regal Cards for more information.

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