The Basic Differences Between Servers

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Computer And Internet

Windows virtual private server hosting is a software program inside a computer that functions as a server used by the hosting company to transmit to other users. The Windows part means that it functions through a Windows program on your computer. A virtual private server is in between a shared web and dedicated server. This means the easiest way to understand what a virtual private server is is to compare it to the other two types for similarities and differences.

First there are the similarities between a dedicated server and virtual private server. Both are private, as in both servers are intended for a single user, either a business or a person. They both give you your own software, memory, and administration in which to work. Basically, you own the server and have much more freedom from the hosting company. In the case of the virtual private server, though, their server software exists inside another server machine belonging to the hosting machine. It is still your own web space as in the virtual system is completely yours. It is just that it’s virtual instead of the dedicated server’s hardware.

In this way, it is more similar to the shared server hosting. They both occupy a space with other servers within one larger server computer. They both have limits placed on them by the hosting company because they do occupy space with others. The virtual private server has less limitations than the shared server. They are even further different in that the shared server, unlike the virtual private server, shares the greater server’s hardware, instead of being a virtual program. The virtual private server hosting also offers more freedom to manipulate the program, administration, and customize it more. Your limit is simply what the hosting company’s server hosting your virtual server can handle. The shared server has definite, clearly defined limits and is always standard.

One similarity among all three is that they use many of the basic interfaces, such as Windows. Of course, the dedicated server is compatible with more, followed by the virtual private server and then followed by the shared server. In other words, in general, the level of freedom dictates which server is better for you, with a dedicated server always having the most, the virtual private server having the middle range, and the shared server having the least.

A virtual private server is the middle option provided by Internet hosting companies. They provide a mid-range amount of freedom, although they do seem to be a virtual version of the dedicated server. Windows virtual private server hosting is a good option for those with mid-range software skills. provides a fully windows virtual private server hosting solution at an affordable prices. With VPS Hosting solutions, your organizations can enjoy complete security. Visit and get answers for all your questions.

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