The advantages of wooden fence posts

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Fences and Gates

Historically, the most common fencing in Wrexham has been made from wood. With more options available today, less wood is being used in favour of materials that last longer and require less maintenance. However, wooden fences and fence posts still do have advantages as well as their disadvantages, although around the home, wooden fence posts work well due to their aesthetics and their ability to perfectly support fence panels. Wooden fence posts also are easier to install, if for whatever reason they are not set to the correct depth, you can simply saw them off to the right height.

Probably the best posts for Fencing in Wrexham are those made from cedar. Cedar is naturally mould, mildew and water resistant; it is also a very beautiful wood and can be quire fragrant. Aside from the aesthetics, cedar posts are less likely to fail and rot quickly due to its resistance to any moisture. Cedar is not cheap, it is among the more expensive fencing materials but it will not require any painting or sealing for a number of years until it begins to seriously fade due to its years of exposure to direct sunlight and other environmental issues.

Distinct from vinyl posts, wooden posts used for Fencing Wrexham are quite lenient during the installation process. If the wooden post is incorrectly set and is too tall, it can be easily cut, unlike vinyl or metal. Vinyl and metal posts are difficult to adjust and must be set right the first time. It is also very easy to fix the fence panels to wooden posts, especially if the fence material is also cedar. This is a distinct advantage because vinyl posts give very little in the way of a tolerance and cannot be easy modified. In the event the fence panel is a different length than the distance between the posts it is a simple matter to reduce the panel length or to add a shim.

Aesthetically, a wooden fence and fence posts can be changed quickly with no more than a coat of paint. This is not the case with vinyl; a colour change is not possible. As much as changing colour is a definite advantage, the disadvantage is that wooden fencing in Wrexham must be painted every few years regardless of colour change or not.

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