The Advantages of Installing a Radiant Heating Service in Your Home

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Plumbing

A warm house during the cold winter season is a comfort to everyone. A quality furnace can maintain a pleasant climate in a home, but there are always areas where the temperature cannot be regulated. The most obvious spot that this applies to is the floor. Although carpet seems warmer due to it’s thick texture, your feet and small pets can still get cold depending on the drafts and lack of underlying insulation. Tile and wood flooring are also particularly chilly during the winter months because of these same circumstances. This is where the services of a company like Macatawa Plumbing can help. Through the installation of a Radiant Heating Service, the temperature of the floors in a home can easily be controlled to keep everyone warm and cozy.

When searching for a solution to household climate control, most individuals only look at the HVAC industry rather than plumbing. What they don’t realize is that due to the use of the warm water circulation that radiant heating requires, a plumbing contractor is much more experienced at handling this type of service. A business like Macataw Plumbing Inc. has years of experience installing radiant heating systems in and around residential, commercial, and industrial structures. These systems are perfect for turning both small and large surface areas into warm, relaxing living spaces. By installing specially designed PEX tubing underneath the floors, warm water is able to circulate and create a heat that radiates up evenly through the surface. This means that while a furnace is handling the air and heat circulation in the upper living space of a room, the radiant heating system is keeping the floor free of cold air. Since the system can be used with any flooring type, the use of additional special flooring materials and extra insulation will only add to amount of heat that can be produced, allowing the customer to increase their level of comfort.

A clean and healthy environment is the most important benefit of a Radiant Heating Service. Since there is no forced air involved in the system, excess dirt and dust are not circulated through the home. On top of this, the lack of a blower motor means that the system runs silently, is energy efficient, and is essentially maintenance free. In the end, installing one of these systems will save a homeowner money while keeping their family warm and comfortable all winter long.

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