The Advantages of a Self-Storage Facility in York, PA With Drive-Up Access

Consumers have two main options when they want to rent a unit at a storage facility in York, PA. One is the drive-up unit in a facility that usually looks like a row of garage doors. The other is a climate-controlled inside unit that requires walking into the building and through hallways to reach. Each has its pros and cons, but many people prefer the drive-up unit because of its convenience.

Considerations Regarding Climate Control

A climate-controlled unit is important for items that could be damaged by excessive heat, cold or humidity. Most things that people put in storage are not affected by these weather elements. Also, simply being inside a building prevents the worst effects of those conditions. The temperature inside the structure may be close to the outside temperature, but frost will not form during freezing conditions. The belongings also are protected from ultraviolet light.

Moving Heavy Items

Transferring furniture and other heavy items from the vehicle to the unit is easier with drive-up units at a facility such as A Better Rate Storage. The process of unloading tends to be significantly faster since there is no need to trek back and forth through the hallways.

Vehicles and Similar Equipment

A storage facility in York, PA with drive-up access may have units specifically for vehicles, including cars, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, campers, and boats. Certain types of equipment may be allowed that interior storage normally cannot have, such as riding mowers. Since many of these belongings are only used seasonally, being able to store them off the property during the off-season is helpful. Also, many owners of classic and expensive cars want to store them over the winter.

Lower Pricing

Drive-up units tend to cost less to rent than interior climate-controlled storage does for a comparable size. Consumers will want to call a few facilities and compare pricing if they have several options nearby. However, if they plan to go to the unit relatively frequently to take more belongings or retrieve some, the distance should be considered carefully. It can be a definitive hassle to drive 10 or 15 miles every time someone wants to go to the self-storage facility.

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