Tenant Services Provided by Professional Property Management Companies

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Real Estate

In your search for a home, townhome, or apartment to rent, you may come across properties that are managed by a professional property management Everett group rather than rented by a private landlord.  Property owners often enlist the help of a rental management company when renting out their property, as the benefits to both the property owner and the tenant are great.  As a tenant who is considering a rental property managed by a professional property manager, it is very important to have a general idea of the types of services often provided by a property management company.

Online Access
Most often, property management companies have a web portal for their tenants where tenants can access account information, important documents, such as the leasing agreement, and more.  In a society that is becoming increasingly paperless, having easy online access to your rental information can be a helpful amenity.

24-Hour Availability
When your dishwasher floods the kitchen at 2 a.m. or you discover an infestation of cockroaches on a weekend morning, a true benefit of a rental manager, as opposed to an independent landlord, will quickly be seen.  Most professional property management firms have policies in place that allow you to request maintenance or report an emergency on an around-the-clock basis.  With a professional property management team, you will not be stuck with a leaking roof because you are having trouble tracking your landlord down by phone.

Clear, Concise Policies
Professional property management groups are specialists in their field.  When you sign a rental agreement with such an organization, you can rest assured you are signing a clear and straightforward document that has been reviewed by legal professionals.  There will be no surprises down the road or miscommunications between parties, as what your responsibilities are and what is expected from you will be in writing and explained clearly from the beginning.


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