Teeth Whitening in Charlotte, NC, Brightens Teeth for Wedding Photographs

Teeth yellow so gradually that many older people don’t realize that it’s happened. They just look in the mirror and think that nothing has changed. They may be preparing for a major event such as a child’s wedding, when their spouse tells them they need to make an appointment for Teeth Whitening in Charlotte, NC. After they get over the perceived insult, they grudgingly agree to the treatment to keep peace in the family. After all, it only takes 90 minutes.

When they arrive at the dentist’s office for their Teeth Whitening, he begins by cleaning the surface of the teeth. This ensures that the bleaching gel can reach all parts of the tooth. He then places a very comfortable protective guard in the patient’s mouth. This keeps any whitening chemicals from touching the gums or lips. He then applies the bleaching gel to the surface of each tooth. A safe laser light is then shined in the patient’s mouth to activate the bleaching gel. This helps the chemicals reach stains deep inside the tooth. After about 15 minutes, the dentist wipes away the gel. If necessary, he repeats the process up to four times.

People sometimes worry that they won’t be able to tolerate sitting in the dentist chair for such a long period. Dentists often have a television set available for patients to watch. They can also wear headphones and listen to music. They are also afraid that the whitening chemicals will harm their tooth enamel. This is false. In fact many whitening gels contain chemicals that will harden the tooth enamel, because harder enamel resists staining.

When the Teeth Whitening in Charlotte, NC, is complete, the patient will be stunned at the change. Patients often see their teeth whitened up to 10 shades in a single treatment. Most people think that bright white teeth make them look much younger. Women love wearing bright red lipstick again. People who haven’t seen them in awhile, might think that they’ve had plastic surgery. They are certainly ready to smile for the wedding pictures. If they follow their dentists’s maintenance instructions, they can expect their teeth to remain sparkling white for several years.

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