Teeth Whitening in Barrington Can Be Done By A General Dentist

When seeking a Teeth Whitening Dentist, it is advised to ask the general dentist if they perform this cosmetic procedure. Most general dentists will happily perform Teeth Whitening Barrington. There are a few options when choosing what level of teeth whitening is necessary and should be discussed with the dentist during a regular visit. If the patient has dental work that is incomplete, expect the dentist to want it finished prior to whitening the teeth.

Many general dentists offer Teeth Whitening Barrington as it is the least invasive cosmetic dental treatment. Normally, a patient can make an appointment for Teeth Whitening Barrington and have the service performed rather quickly. Usually it takes about an hour to have the entire process completed in the dental office, regardless of the type of whitening performed.

Teeth whitening can be done in an office visit, using whitening gels that are much stronger even than the ones the dental office sends home. Additionally, some dental offices use lasers and others use LED lights meant to accelerate the whitening process. It is typical, when having whitening performed inside the dental office, that they will take teeth impressions and make a custom fitted bleaching tray for the patient to take home. The initial in-office bleaching will make the teeth several shades whiter and the trays are for maintenance in the coming months and years. This method can be a bit costly but it is the most effective way to whiten teeth fast.

A less expensive alternative to in-office Teeth Whitening Barrington is to have the dentist make custom bleach trays and then for the patient to buy whitening gels from the dental office when needed. There are different strengths of these take home gels and should be chosen based on the amount of whitening needed and the sensitivity of the patient’s mouth.

The process of teeth whitening does not take very long. The entire office visit should take around an hour, sometimes more if the patient is having whitening done in office and having trays made as well. The actual process of bleaching at home with the custom trays should take no more than thirty minutes. This is very little time and effort to make such a drastic change to the patient’s appearance.

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