Technologists Demonstrate Display Equipment in Computer Industry Expo

Visitors to a recent computer industry exposition were treated to their first tastes of a full-scale 3D hologram projector, which promises to be an innovative way for thought leaders to share new ideas with their clientele. It’s promoted as the genesis of a new way of interacting with interested parties that can potentially offer them a look at new products before they’re ever released. Unlike a traditional product reveal, technologists at the expo focused on the way that engineers would be able to use a 3D hologram projector as a way to demonstrate other pieces of equipment.

The computer industry itself is a potential use case, since it would be easy to rely on a 3D projector to show off pieces of hardware that haven’t been put into production yet. In fact, testing crews could theoretically use a 3D hologram projector to see whether or not a particular design was capable of standing up to real-world uses.

Representatives from the cosmetic, food service and even home appliance industries would find these machines useful as well. They can provide very unusual displays for others that could potentially disrupt the market by changing the conversation on how advertising campaigns get carried out. Usually, customers aren’t necessarily swayed by the presence of slick new techniques.

However, these are so different from what many of them are used to seeing that they might very well disrupt their worldview as a whole. Savvy marketers can take advantage of that when they work to get a message out that might otherwise have gotten lost in the background noise. For more information, please visit Yoongli.

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