Talk to a Plumber about a Toilet Upgrade

A bathroom would not be a bathroom without a toilet. If you want to upgrade your bathroom, you can choose from an array of toilet styles and colors. Major brands are featured as well. Custom orders are accepted to ensure that you find the right toilet for your bathroom space.

Types of Toilet Styles

Some of the styles featured in showrooms at companies such as Southern Plumbing Inc. include the following:

  • Custom-order toilets
  • Soft-close seat toilets
  • Quiet-flush and water-saver toilets
  • ADA toilets
  • Elongated toilets

Comparing Elongated Toilets with Round Toilet Styles

While most homeowners tend to prefer elongated toilets in terms of comfort, round bowls often save on space. An elongated toilet measures just over 30 inches from a wall while round toilets take up about three inches less space. Round toilets are also lower in price than elongated toilet designs.

One-Piece and Two-Piece Designs

When you speak to a plumber about toilets, he or she can show you styles that feature one-piece or two-piece designs. Most of the toilets that are made feature two-piece designs, which means that the bowl is affixed to the tank. A two-piece toilet is normally more economical than a toilet made in one piece.

Pressurized Flushing

A plumber can show you the various flushing system configurations as well. For example, a pressure-assisted flushing system uses pressurized air to lower the possibility of blockages. However, the system can be noisy and may need costly repairs.

Gravity Flushing

Gravity flushing systems are simple in design. This system uses the weight of the water to create the pressure in the toilet. The pressure directs everything through a trap way. Siphoning is used to complete the flush.

Other Systems

Other new flushing systems include a dual-flush system design and waterless toilets. The dual-flush system saves water without compromising on efficiency. A waterless toilet is used in areas where plumbing or water is not accessible. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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