Taking a Tuxedo to the Next Level

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

You may not be aware of it, but there are plenty of ways to make a tux even more special than it already is. When it comes to a tuxedo, Bay City wedding apparel shops can help you create a look that is unique to both your style and personality. Every wedding is slightly different, and so is every groom. Instead of opting for something that’s “straight off the rack”, consider some exciting options that will allow you to really stand out on your big day.

Color Matters
Not every tuxedo has to be the standard black and white “penguin suit” you may be envisioning in your mind. Whether the jacket or pants themselves are a unique color or you add a bit of color through items like the bowtie, vest or pocket square, these alterations can really up the ante on your look. By coordinating accent colors with the flowers, bridesmaid dresses, or even colored accents on the bride’s gown, you can really take your tux to the next level!

One for All or All for One?
If you want to make sure that the groom stands out from the crowd, putting him in a tuxedo and the groomsmen in suits is one great way to accomplish this. However, if you prefer a more coordinated look for the bridal party, several groomsmen in matching tuxes can really make a statement. Decide which direction you’d like to go in and visit your local wedding apparel shop for more options.

It’s Important, Too
While the apparel of the groom may not be high on the to-do list, it’s still important for brides to ensure the leading man looks and feels great. Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask questions. One tux does not fit all, so be sure that he ends up with a get-up as perfect as the rest of his wedding day.

The Wedding Bell is your premier choice when it comes to shopping for wedding apparel. Offering a wide selection of gowns and apparel services that will help you make your big day truly unique, you can learn more about their Okemos location by visiting us. There’s no better place to go when looking for affordable, practical wedding options.

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