Take Your Trike on Your Next Trip With This Ingenious Rack

More people are biking than ever, and more people are driving with trikes in tow than ever. Most options for transporting trikes on vehicles either require precarious tethering or a good rack. Most racks are mainly for road or mountain trikes. However, there are some versatile racks that let you transport other trike form factors, such as a trike bike carrier.

Trike Racks are Adjustable

Trike carriers can accommodate both smaller and larger size trikes. If you buy a larger or smaller trike, you don’t have to buy a new rack. Each arm of the apparatus has a track that can be adjusted both lengthwise and widthwise. The adjustability also allows the trike to be positioned so that it does not obstruct the view of the driver.

Anti-Rattle Construction

The trike rack is installed with an anti-rattle bolt so that the trike does not become destabilized when encountering bumps in the road. The anti-rattle bolt also means that you do not have to worry about damage to your vehicle from aberrant movement by the trike. The trike rack holds the trike just as snuggly as racks for more conventional trikes.

Easy Trike Placement

Simply place each of the three wheels of the trike on the rails and snap it in. The trike is secure in moments. When you are finished and want to unload your trike, you simply unstrap the trike and remove it. The rack is stored by adjusting it upward on the back of the vehicle. Despite the racks ability to accommodate a much wider trike, it does not take up much more space than any other trike rack.

Never worry about taking you or your families trike out on the road again. trike rack solutions exist, they are very easy to install and utilize, and they don’t take up any more space than a conventional trike rack.

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