Take Holiday Tours In Kenya For The Best Of Several Worlds

The fact that Kenya offers great vacations has to be one of the world’s best known open secrets. Kenya not only has the lure of being an African destination it is also easily accessible on many major airlines and, by African comparisons, it is a reasonably stable country in terms of both politics and economy.

The Kenyan economy is still on a par with poor developing countries but Kenya does have a thriving tourism industry which has led to infrastructure improvements and the provision of many first class hotels, resorts and guest houses. In other words, Kenya is easy to get to and, once there, you have a wide choice of comfortable to luxurious accommodations.

What To Do On Holiday Tours In Kenya?

For many people, the attraction of Kenya as their holiday destination lies in the country’s plentiful wildlife. Kenya has many National Parks where both countryside and wildlife are protected – there is even a National Park literally within site of the capital city – Nairobi. The relatively small Nairobi National Park is less than 4 ½ miles away from the city center and animals such as giraffes can be photographed with skyscrapers in the background!

Other parks are more remote but are still easily accessible by road and high class accommodations are always nearby. While you cannot be a big game hunter these days, you can photo shoot the whole gamut of African wildlife safely and in comfort.

In addition to wildlife, scenic attractions in Kenya include Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria or the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lamu Town on Lamu Island some 200 miles by road to the northeast from Mombasa. Lamu has been continuously inhabited since 1370 and has historic Portuguese and Arab influences. If you include Lamu as one of your Holiday Tours Of Kenya, you can even visit a donkey sanctuary!

Then, there is the seaside. Kenya is on the Indian Ocean and has many miles of fine beaches. Kenya’s second largest city – Mombasa – has grown from an historic seaport into a major center with its own international airport. It could be said that the first European tourist was Vasco da Gama who passed through in 1498. Today’s tourists are drawn to the nearby beaches, resorts and seafront hotels. Daytime activities are not restricted to sunning oneself on the beach, there are good coral reefs offshore and plenty of other water sports activities. Mombasa also offers plenty of night life for those taking Holiday Tours In Kenya.

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