Symbolic Meanings of Flowers Frequently Sent to Local Funeral Homes in Clinton, MD

The death of a friend’s family member leaves a person trying to do whatever he or she can to help during a difficult time. If the person doesn’t live too far away, going to the funeral or memorial service to be held at one of the Local Funeral Homes in Clinton MD will be a priority. The idea of sending flowers may be compelling since this is a common gesture of sympathy.

It may be useful to learn some of the traditional, symbolic meanings of flowers and how they relate to floral arrangements at Local Funeral Homes in Clinton MD.


Lilies are often seen at funerals and memorial services. They symbolize restored innocence as the person passes into the afterlife, especially when the color of the flower is white. This is a particularly appropriate symbol for people of certain religious faiths. Many kinds of lilies can be sent in different colors. Peace lily and stargazer lily are just a couple of examples. There’s also the option of sending a plant instead of cut flowers, which can be preferable since plants last a lot longer.


The lovely bright blue color of myosotis adds a sense of hope to the service for those who believe they will see their loved one again someday. This flower is commonly called the forget-me-not, making it very suitable for a farewell ceremony arranged by an organization such as Fourtowns Cremation. Visit the website to learn more about this particular funeral home.


Roses are one of the most frequently seen flowers at funerals. Their appealing fragrance is comforting, and their classic elegance conveys heartfelt sympathy. Both white and red are common choices, although yellow is meant to symbolize friendship.

Personal Favorites

Another possibility is to send flowers that the deceased person especially loved if the favorite type is known. The man or woman may have been very fond of daffodils, for instance, if yellow was a favorite color. Lilacs may have been a favorite because of their beauty, light purple hue, and enticing fragrance. Both of these choices are associated with rebirth and new life since they appear in spring.

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