Supplies You’ll Need for Public Storage in Lubbock TX

Most people don’t consider the types of supplies they will need when they put things in public storage, whether for a short or long term period. This means they are unprepared and must go out and get the supplies needed to store their items. There are certain things you will need.

Packing Supplies

Before you start loading up the car and heading to your Lubbock TX public storage company, ensure you have the right packing supplies. These can include bubble wrap, mattress bags, furniture covers, packing peanuts, newsprint, plastic wrap or stretch film and more. Bubble wrap is essential if you will be packing glass items into boxes because it will give extra padding around the glass item. Furniture covers can help reduce the amount of dust settled onto the furniture from the move, and large plastic wrap or stretch film is used to wrap large or bulky items that could open while moving. These items include dressers, vanities, anything with drawers and more.


It is essential to have enough boxes to pack everything that will be going into public storage. Boxes come in many sizes, and it is important to have a box big enough to fit your items but not overly big. If you put small items in the bottom of a large box, it has the potential of getting broken, no matter how much bubble wrap you use.


Public storage in Lubbock TX ensures the safety of your items, but it is still important to have strong, sound and working locks on your specific unit. Most storage companies provide locks to you for a nominal fee if you do not have one. Some will allow you to use your personal lock while others prefer that you use theirs. Sometimes, these companies will require a key to your storage unit, just in case something happens, though not all do. Keep this in mind if you are going to use your own locks.

Packaging Tape

Most people don’t consider packing tape when using a public storage facility. Many times, people overlap the box lids to hold the flaps down, but this leaves a small gap, which could entice spiders and dust to collect inside the box. Instead, always use packing tape to quickly and easily secure your box lids until it is time to open them and remove the items.

Public storage in Lubbock TX can be easy with the right supplies and the right facility, such as A Byron Cowling Move.

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