Steps for Swimming Pool Resurfacing in Venice, FL

Adding a pool to your home instantly increases its value and appeal, transforming your back yard into your very own private and luxurious oasis. While you can enjoy the beauty, relaxation and convenience your pool offers for many years, over time and even with the best maintenance practices, pools need upgrades and renovations to stay beautiful and function optimally. One of the best ways to improve the look and function of a swimming pool is by resurfacing it. The following are the steps for swimming pool resurfacing in Venice, FL that you should consider before you begin your renovation project.

Assess the current state of the swimming pool – The first step in resurfacing your swimming pool is taking a close look at it to determine its current state. Look for cracks, splits and chips in the plaster of the pool to figure out the level of damage and wear. This helps you to determine how much work needs to go into the resurfacing project and gives clues to the type of materials to use.

Prepare the pool for resurfacing – The second step involves preparing your pool properly for resurfacing. Before you can resurface your pool, you must drain all of the water from it and allow it to dry completely. This allows the resurfacing treatments to adhere properly to the cracks and chips and gives you a better view of the damage to the plaster before you begin.

Choose the best product and techniques – The third step is choosing the best product and techniques to use to resurface your swimming pool. There are many products available for pool resurfacing from which you can choose. The condition of your pool surface as well as the desired finish will affect your choice the most.

Resurface the pool carefully – The final step is performing the actual resurfacing of the pool, which takes a combination of skill and experience to do properly. Use the recommended tools and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the resurfacing materials to the pool carefully and completely.

You should follow these important steps for the best results in Swimming Pool Resurfacing in Venice, FL. It is best to utilize the services of professional pool renovation specialists before you begin your project for the best results. Contact the specialists at Sparkling Kleen Pools and Spas today for a free estimate for your pool resurfacing and renovation.

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