Stepping Up To Virtual Private Server Hosting: Is It Time For Your Business?

It may seem as if there is a never-ending push for businesses to constantly upgrade their online capacities. While it is true that having the right web hosting plan will improve your business, it isn’t always necessary to upgrade to the largest plan with all the features and options if this is not necessary for a business.

Most businesses, particularly small and family businesses, tend to start using a shared hosting plan. This is a low-cost option that still provides all the necessary functions and features as multiple websites are operating from the same server. The issue of slow loading for pages, lags, and even security needs to be carefully considered as the small business grows.

In between the shared hosting options and a dedicated server is the option to use virtual private server hosting. This provides businesses with its own operating system, disc space, and storage as well as an allocation of bandwidth that is solely for the use of that virtual private server (VPS).

Security Features

While performance is a reason to upgrade to the virtual private server hosting plans, security is also a factor. This option allows the owner of the VPS to manage the root programs, which is not possible with the shared hosting plans. This access allows the owner to change security features to meet their needs while the hosting service manages the server itself.


The top virtual private server hosting can be customized to meet the needs of a business, including being easy to scale up as needed. Unlike shared plans, most of the best VPS hosting companies can accommodate individual business needs with highly flexible packages that allow the business to utilize and pay for what they need and not extra, unnecessary features.

In addition, these plans will typically include daily backup, live technical support 24/7 as well as fully managed services if you prefer to allow the hosting service to handle the day to day operation of the VPS.

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