Stay Out Of Jail With The Help Of A Theft Defense Lawyer In Torrance CA

Who wants to go to jail? The answer to that question is no one. Whether someone has committed a small or large theft of property, a conviction could result in extended jail time. Hiring a Theft Defense Lawyer in Torrance CA can reduce an accused chance of remaining in jail instead of being released.

The amount of money the property is worth will determine a criminal sentence. The theft of property that has a value of $950 or greater is a felony. A conviction of this crime can result in imprisonment of sixteen months up to three years in state prison.

Will Everyone Have To Serve Time For Theft/

The facts and evidence will determine how long the individual will remain in prison. A criminal defense attorney will work through every option to have evidence tossed out of court and reduce the charges. They will also paint the accused in the best light possible. This could lead to a reduced sentence or no jail time.

Theft Offenses

Forgery, embezzlement, identify theft, receiving stolen property, and robbery all fall under a theft offense. California defines theft as the unlawful and intentional taking of property. The accused must also intend to permanently deprive the owner of their possessions. There are many defenses an individual can use to reduce these charges.

Other areas of theft include falsifying information to sell the items to a pawnbroker. If an individual fails to return rented or leased property, this is considered theft. If an individual sells or unlawfully transfers a debit or credit card, they could be charged with theft. Fraudulently obtaining a credit card or failing to return materials to a library is only a few of the circumstances an individual could be charged with theft.

Why Hire An Attorney?

The best chance for an individual to remain free of prison time is by hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney. Public defenders are an option, but they are paid by the same entity as the prosecutor. In addition, they are usually overwhelmed with a large caseload and do not provide the same attention a private criminal defense attorney offers.

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