Stay Arctic Cool in San Marcos with an Air Conditioner Service

San Marcos, a city with over 83,000 inhabitants, is in California. This city is bordered by a lake called Lake San Marcos and is close by the Pacific Ocean. Because of this city’s nearness to water sources, the average temperatures are quite high. The high temperatures from January to December range from 70 degrees to 90 degrees. During the summer months, from May to August, temperatures often reach over 90 degrees. Because of these high temperatures, occurrences of heat related illness increase. To avoid these ill effects and keep cool, air conditioners are used.

While many are familiar with the functions of an air conditioner, the varying types may be unfamiliar. Learning about the different types of cooling units will help customers find a San Marcos air conditioner. The three main types of air conditioners all provide the same function: cooling the house. However, they vary in maintenance and energy efficiency.

The first type of air conditioner is window-mounted. These units can cool between 300 and 1800 square feet and are divided into horizontal and vertical mounts, depending on the window type. Because these units are window mounted, they are easily removable and easy to install. Portable air conditioners can cool anywhere from 300 to 400 feet. Like window mounted air conditioners, these are easily movable and are the easiest to install. While these units may seem similar, the difference is this – portable units are freestanding. The last type of air conditioner is through-the-wall, which reduces the amount of air leakage and is more energy efficient; however, these air conditioners cannot generally be installed without a professional.

Once a type of unit is selected, the next step is searching for a store that sells it. Although most stores sell a variety of units, searching for stores like Stillman Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. that specialize in cooling homes is more beneficial. These cooling professionals are able to answer any questions about the products and are knowledgeable about the San Marcos air conditioner. Because remaining cool is so important during hot weather, consulting professionals about cooling units is necessary for they are able to fit customers with products that suit their needs.

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