State Certified Sod and the Turf Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA That Follows It

Customers can find some truly excellent turf in Northern Virginia. A local provider has shifted to state-certified sod and effective netting for an affordable Turf Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA. A big part of their appeal has to do with their top-of-the-line certified sod.

What makes it so everlasting? The arguments are sound, authenticating the locally certified sod as some of the best for multiple purposes.

Different Qualities of Sod

What is the ultimate goal? For some, it may be to turf the farm for as affordable a price as possible. There are certainly sods that can get the job done. Some are specifically utilizing new sod applications to fight back erosion or to preserve the grounds for longer than the last application. This requires some high-quality material depending on the extent of the damage and the timeframe for reapplication.

Approving State Certified Sod

One clear tip is to keep consistency. Do not utilize different sod types across the farm. Virginia State Certified Sod is the best way to go. It is validated to match the guidelines of quality established by Virginia Crop Improvement and Va Tech. The two groups have found a baseline of quality. They approve turf grades and compile them into a yearly list.

The approval process moves through discussions and testing. The groups inspect the turf through lab tests. The tests authenticate their purity and germination.

The groups also want to test the seed in practice. This means planting it and seeing how it thrives in the real world. Outside the lab, the seeds need to stand the trials of weather and weeds, without the excessive impact of weed-killers and pesticides.

The tests confirm only the finest qualities of approved seed, something that Premier Turf Farms takes very seriously. A-Turf Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA follows the guidelines to offer the best grades for the year as premium.

Want to know about the specifics for buying? Need to know how much to get for the acreage or whether it is safe and practical to add a new type of sod over a previous grade? Browse our websites for more on sod application and to get the best type of the situation.


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