Spread Awareness of a Southern Staple with Food Baskets in Tucson

Pecans are a staple in the south, and those living in other parts of the United States who have yet to learn the value of these little pieces of heaven raining down from trees late each year will eventually understand. Those at Green Valley Pecan Company Store have already fully grasped the versatility of the pecan itself and are doing their part to spread awareness. While pies could be considered the most well known use of both whole and chopped varieties, their uses span far beyond this holiday favorite.

Food Baskets in Tucson centered around the endless array of different takes on the pecan can make wonderful gifts for nut lovers of any age. Toasted with butter and salt is a basic form, but chocolate, honey, peanut butter, cinnamon and toffee coatings also tend to add a little something extra to their delightful flavor. Being clustered in caramel and drowned in chocolate takes them a step further.

They can be mixed with flavored popcorn to add texture and taste to a classic favorite. Variations of the much-loved peanut brittle are created using the pecan, and few could go wrong with praline or even a light rum flavor. Of course, building an entire tray of different varieties offers pecan fans something to snack on for a few weeks, or at least hours.

The flavor of the pecan isn’t limited to candy coatings, though. It has branched out far beyond this realm, extending on to syrup for pancakes, waffles and recipes. Barbecue is certainly another southern element, and sauces based on the pecan have made their appearance in the cooking world. Whether serving seafood, pork, beef or chicken, barbecue or hot sauce with this sweetly familiar nutty essence could take a meal to the next level.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas on their way, Food Baskets in Tucson could bring the joy of the pecan to gift recipients across the nation. An array of customization options allow gifters to cater to the tastes of almost anyone from the fervent candy lover to the consummate barbecue chef or a variety of treats for an entire family to enjoy. Here’s to a happy shopping experience and an even more enjoyable eating frenzy.

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