Spice Up Your Dining Table With Square Dinnerware Sets

Square dinnerware sets are different from traditional sets. For centuries we have eaten from round plates and cups, but recently other shapes, such as oval and square became available. But why are they so popular?

Square dinnerware sets are unique, modern, and stylish. Traditional round plates look good, but square sets offer elegance and style with a touch of modernism.

When you place square plates on a table, you are making a bold statement that says you are unique, trendy, and not afraid to experiment.

In addition, food looks more attractive on a square plate. Many square plates are considerably larger than round plates so your table will look more elegant and put-together.

Typically square plates are more appealing to younger people and couples without children who like elegance, style, and organization in their lives.

Square dinnerware sets are very popular for serving oriental food at home, especially sushi and other eastern specialties.

There are many manufacturers of square dinnerware sets offering them in a variety of colors and patterns. Square sets typically are available in colors not offered in the traditional round settings such as black, red and blue.

Corelle is a very popular brand of dinnerware, and their collection of square dinnerware is attractive to people. They offer solid white settings along with assorted patterns.

Another popular brand is Mikasa. Mikasa is a renown brand of dinnerware that produces square sets. Their solid white setting is popular along with their stone square plates.

Square dinnerware sets are not only trendy, but they are functional as well. The shape is much more convenient than the traditional circular or elliptical shape when storing them in a kitchen cabinet. Because of its shape, you can easily keep it inside a cabinet without taking too much space. This is important for people who have limited storage space in the kitchen.

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