Special Interior Doors For Different Rooms

by | May 11, 2015 | Home Improvement

Often when people think of interior doors in bedrooms, offices, family rooms and even the kitchen, they think of the standard Mission or Shaker style of door. While these doors are elegant and classic, you can also choose to add a few custom or specialized types of doors to highlight different rooms in the home.

The key to using customized or special designs of interior doors is to consider how they match with your décor and the other doors in the home. It should give a relatively uniform appearance without one door standing out as a completely different style, design or decorating theme.

With many different types of interior doors including Mission and Shaker as well as the customized doors, mixing and matching is really not difficult. Buying all doors from the same company is also a very good idea as it ensures all staining and finishing will be done uniformly, giving a consistent look throughout the home even with different styles.

French Doors

French doors make wonderful interior doors for smaller rooms or rooms without a lot of natural light. Since they provide more light between rooms and with a more open appearance they can make even a smaller office, library, den or family room area appear a lot larger even with the doors closed.

Another consideration for a smaller room is to choose a bypass door which slides over itself rather than opening in the traditional way.

Glass Panel Shaker Doors

To give a different look to the traditional Shaker or Mission styles of interior doors consider glass insets in the panels instead of traditional wood. You can opt for a clear glass to give a more open look or consider a frosted or reed type of glass which allows light but provides privacy.

Special Doors for Special Rooms

For a pantry, laundry, or wine room why not consider a specialty door? These can be designed to suit your style with frosted, clear or dark glass which really adds to the look of the door while also providing you the option to close the door when not in use.

The dark glass for a wine room is a great option in interior doors as they will help to protect the wine from direct sunlight, which is an important consideration for effective storage.

Finding the right interior doors for your needs doesn’t mean giving up your style. In fact, with all the options out there having different doors can add to the style and décor for the entire home.

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