Space-saving Home Designs to Suggest to Your Building Contractors

by | Apr 15, 2014 | Construction & Maintenance

One reason you might want to customize your home is to save space. You want to have room for everything you love, but you want your house too look nice and uncluttered. Building Contractors will work with you to create designs for your home. Here are a few recommendations for space-saving designs that looks great.

Hidden Storage
The best way to add space to your house in a way that doesn’t distract is to hide it. Have your contractor design storage inside counters. Place the storage near the edge of the counter and put a cover on them that matches the counter-top. You slide the covers off and on to get inside. With the covers on, you can still use the counters for food preparation. Use the hidden storage for items you don’t use too often.

Hidden and Recessed Outlets
Outlets always look terrible staring at you from the walls with those shocked faces. Unfortunately, you need them. Create more room with those outlets by having your contractor design recessed outlets. These outlets sit just inside the wall so that your furniture can sit right against the wall, creating more space in the room. You can also hide outlets inside drawers. Keep your appliances in the drawer with the outlet. When you need to use them, plug them in and then tuck them back away in the drawer.

Slide-out Vertical Cabinets
You don’t always want to hide storage, such as kitchen cabinets and drawers, but you want more room. Slide-out vertical drawers and cabinets are your answer. Instead of opening a cabinet door and digging inside the small space, you can pull out the door and have all your items neatly lined up in front of you for easy access. Since they sit vertically instead of horizontal, everything is stored neatly and it creates extra space.

Drawers in the walls
Sometimes the problem is that you have too many dressers or bookcases against the walls and that makes the rooms smaller. You can fix this problem by placing the dressers and bookcases inside the walls right between studs. They are flush with the wall and you can paint them the same color as the wall.

If you like some of these space-saving design ideas, talk to Building Contractors, such as Ruhl Construction, to get started.

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