Some Reasons People Should Call A Bankruptcy Attorney in Lancaster County

Most people never think about legal services until a dire situation develops. This is especially true when people get behind on their financial obligations. Most people try and work out new financial arrangement with their creditors, but many times these arrangements fall short. Then the creditors start taking actions. Some of these actions include sending demand letters, placing phone calls to the home and work, and even beginning civil litigation to garnish wages. A person facing these types of actions in Lancaster County should consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Lancaster County to look at legal remedies such as bankruptcy.

Many people looking for bankruptcy legal services call Law Office of Going and Plank Family Lawyer in Lancaster County. The law firm handles legal matters including chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies. They have provided legal services in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area since 1956.

People facing bankruptcy do not always call a lawyer right away. They are already tight on money, under the mistaken belief that hiring a lawyer will get them further into debt. What they fail to recognize is hiring a lawyer to represent them immediately stops creditors in their tracks. Once a lawyer is hired, the creditors only communicate with the client’s lawyer. The client is no longer contacted by their creditors. This process immediately frees up money to pay for a bankruptcy lawyer, and provides much-needed stress relief for the client.

People filing for personal bankruptcy have two choices. The choices are chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In a chapter 7 bankruptcy a person’s property is sold off to pay back the money owed to creditors and wipes out the debts. A chapter 13 bankruptcy is a legal restructuring plan. In this type of bankruptcy a person gets to keep their property through a court approved pay back plan. There are many complicated factors within both types of bankruptcies, and this is the reason a person should hire a bankruptcy attorney to represent them in the process.

People going thinking about filing bankruptcy in Lancaster county are usually under lots of stress. This is why hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney in Lancaster County is a smart move. An attorney can navigate the ever-changing waters of bankruptcy law, and get a client back on track.


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