Some Important Facts About Bailbonds

If you or someone close to you gets arrested one of the first things you are told is to get an attorney. In lieu of what the charges are will depend on many things such as what type of attorney you may want to acquire as well, as once you have seen the judge will you require bail money to get out of jail. Bail is set generally to keep defendants from fleeing before their day in court arrives. Bail in general, is set depending on the case, if the defendant is a repeat offender this will make a huge difference in how much bail is set or if bail is set at all.The facts of the case also weighs heavily on the judges decision on how much bail is set. Bailbonds Rohnert Park agencies are for the most part located in close vicinities of courthouses and magistrate offices.

Bailbonds Rohnert Park services usually work as liaisons for the bail bond agency as a service to assist when an attorney is needed for court appearances, representation and even possible lowering of the bond that has been set. The liaison would work with the judge to have the original bond lowered in hopes that this request would be granted. As long as your liaison has all the facts without embellishment, you can be represented properly.

If your attorney doesn’t have the facts that are needed to represent you, things can get very murky and the bail may be set to high and way out of your budget. Bail is usually set with a 10%-15% of the total amount of the bail set. Bond fees are non refundable as this is how bail bonds agencies make their living. Bailbonds Rohnert Park services are a very much needed type of agency when an arrest is made.
Many defendants do not have the financial backing to acquire the bail that may be needed to gain freedom from jail, however, it is important to recognize that not all defendants are granted bail. Those that are, may be considered very lucky. Again, the decision to grant bail would be depending on the crimes that are on the table of the accused, as well as the defendant’s history with the law.

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