Social Media for Businesses

Social media has become a huge part of everyday culture. Especially in Northern California. Think about it, do you know anyone these days who does not have accounts on social media sites? For a small business in the 21st century, having a presence on social media is critical. People are connected to the internet at all times, and they want to be able to do some research and check a business out online before they ever set foot in a store. Some business owners cannot spare the time to keep up with social media sites. Don’t let your business get left behind. With many companies to choose from, there is always the option of hiring a professional to oversee your accounts on social media in Santa Rosa. If you are going to make a go of it yourself, it’s not all that difficult. Here are some basic tips to get you on the right track.

Be Yourself

Your followers on social media are interested in you and your business. You don’t need to put on a corporate persona for your business’s social media accounts. People will respond much better if you just act as if you are amongst friends. Also, you don’t always have to be posting about things you have to offer. It’s actually better if more of your posts are just friendly chatter. This will prevent your followers from feeling like they are just being advertised to.

Show Your Business

Post a lot of pictures of your business. Pictures are a large part of social media sites. People want to see what you and your business look like. Perhaps even some sneak peek type pictures would be good. You could put up pictures of what goes on behind the scenes at your business.

Offer Incentives

The main reason a lot of people on social media become followers of a business is to get exclusive deals. You should offer special discounts to your followers, and to entice new people to start following your business on social media. You can offer deals to people for following you. You can offer your followers incentives to re-post your content onto their own pages. You can offer your followers deals for inviting their friends to become followers of your page as well. In the end, you may be giving up a small amount by offering discounts to your followers, but the new customers you can gain this way will far outweigh the discounts in the long run.

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