Sleeping and Maintenance Tips after Your Keratin Hair Treatment

A Brazilian Blowout Solution, commonly referred to as a keratin treatment, works to transform frizzy or curly hair to straight and sleek locks with only one visit to the salon. The treatment, which works by sealing keratin proteins in your hair, results in much more manageable locks; however, in order to maintain this look careful maintenance is required. This includes proper care while you are sleeping.


A keratin treatment can last between three and five months, with the length being largely dependent on how you care for your hair. A smart move is to invest in a satin or silk pillowcase, which will help to keep your hair in the best shape possible. Satin and silk will reduce the amount of friction that occurs between your pillow and your hair while you are sleeping, which will result in much less breakage. Other types of fabrics will deplete your hair of any moisture while the silk and satin will not cause any dehydration to the hair, resulting in your strands staying straight and shiny for a longer period of time.

Initial Hair Maintenance

You should be extremely careful when it comes to your hair directly after a keratin treatment. The general idea is to keep your hair as straight as possible until the keratin treatment is fully set. This requires a waiting period of up to four days. During this period of time you have a higher risk of strands kinking up if they are manipulated too much. You should take extra care while you are sleeping during the initial few days after treatment and avoid using any type of elastic hair ties or pins, as well.

Fixing Kinks

When you wake up and notice that your hair has become bent out of shape, you can fix it by using your blow dryer or flat iron and immediately straighten your hair. You need to be sure that you do not get your hair wet for a least 72 hours after the initial treatment. If your hair does become wet accidently during the initial waiting period, you need to blow dry it right away.

It is also important to select the proper shampoos after the keratin treatment to enhance and extend the life of the treatment. Doing this will ensure that your investment will last for an extended period of time, allowing you to have sleek, smooth and manageable strands.

After a Brazilian Blowout Solution is applied to your hair, use the proper methods and products to ensure the longevity of the treatment. Check out the selection offered at Lemon Lime Beauty for quality products that are effective.


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