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by | Nov 7, 2013 | Dental Health

Many people are frightened by the dentist. Just the slightest thought of stepping foot into a dentist’s office sends chills down the spine of those people. Luckily for those who are a little hesitant to schedule dentist appoints due to their irrational fear, there is a much better option available, Sleep Dentistry.

With Sleep Dentistry, the dentist will administer the proper amount of sedatives in order to put you to sleep during your whole dental procedure. You will be able to sleep through the whole filling of your cavity, root canal, or other dental procedures, without feeling anything at all – not even stress or anxiety. Sleep dentistry can even be used during simple procedures such as basic check ups and teeth cleaning. This has become a highly popular option among people who dislike going to the dentist and those who just do not want to feel any pain during their procedure. More and more dentists are incorporating sleep dentistry into their practice to accommodate those who wish to use these methods during their dental procedures.

It used to be that sleep sedatives could only be administered through the veins, but with intense medical research, there are now pill and gas forms of sleep sedatives. As soon as the sedative is administered or consumed, the patient will instantly be calmed down. Very rapidly, they will become extremely drowsy to the point of a supreme tranquil state as the sleep dentistry sedatives are fairly strong. It is important to keep in mind that many people who use sleep dentistry do not fall completely asleep during their procedure, instead, they remain in a semi-conscious state. Yet, while remaining semi-conscious you are not going to feel pain and things are going to be fairly foggy.

If you are considering sleep dentistry for your next dental appointment, it is crucial that you make proper arrangements to have a ride home. It will not be safe for you to drive immediately after being ‘put to sleep’.

Other than feeling a little tired for a while, there are no side effects to sleep dentistry, in fact, it is literally hassle free and painless. This form of dentistry makes great options for people who don’t wish to feel pain during their procedure and for those who are highly frightened by dentists. Some of the sedation techniques used include local anesthesia, N2O, and pill or I.V, sedation. These options relax the patient and help them to enjoy the experience. Whatever the situation may be, sleep dentistry is a safe and reliable choice that is a great option for a wide variety of people.

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