Skilled Nursing Care – A Brief Overview!

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Health Care

You may have the desire to care for an elderly family member around the clock, but in reality, you physically cannot meet all of his or her needs 24/7. Enlisting the help of an outside professional may make you nervous, as you might be unsure about whether or not another caregiver will truly meet your loved one’s needs. A quality skilled nursing care facility will help to calm your fears by delivering the high quality care your loved one needs and deserves.

What is Skilled Nursing Care?
Skilled nursing care is provided at a healthcare facility that offers both short and long term care for people who suffer from persistent medical issues – for example, Alzheimer’s disease. These types of facilities, also known as nursing homes, are designed for people whose conditions are far too complicated for them to be taken care of in an assisted living center or at home.

If your loved one is in a skilled nursing care facility, you can expect him or her to receive help from trained professionals such as nurses and therapists. For instance, a nurse may need to monitor and dispense intravenous medications for your loved one, while a physical therapist may need to work with him or her to address balance and strength issues. Speech therapists also help stroke patients to regain their communication ability, and occupational therapists strive to help nursing home resident to reclaim their independence as far as personal hygiene and getting dressed are concerned.

Agency Help
An agency that specializes in meeting patients’ companion care-related needs can be immensely helpful as you explore skilled nursing care options for your elderly family member. Such an agency can provide special care for those staying in nursing homes by making sure that one of its caregivers provides one-on-one care to your loved one. The caregiver will essentially act as a patient advocate, interacting with the skilled nursing staff to ensure that your family member receives attentive care and is fully served on a daily basis. The qualified caregiver will additionally make sure that the elderly patient transitions to his or her new home as smoothly as possible.

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